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by Rhonda Marks
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The Unknown Father: Book One in the Who's Your Daddy Series by Rhonda Marks
Rhonda Marks
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What if your lifelong dream was cruelly snatched from your hands at the last possible moment?
Tiffany Wright has suffered more than her share of heartache in her life. But all that was forgotten when the county placed a foster child into her arms and her heart. She never believed in love at first sight until that baby boy came into her life. Now, with just a couple more court hearings until she officially became her foster son’s mother, it’s all falling apart.
Hiram Demery is a man used to having his way, in everything. So when he finds out that he could have possibly fathered a child after a one night stand, he uses his incredible wealth to try to gain custody. Anyone who stands in his way be damned, even the child’s beautiful foster mother.
Can Tiffany and Hiram come to some kind of agreement regarding the child? Or will it be a matter of winner-take-all?
Tiffany Wright’s knee bounced up and down as the judge droned on and on. This was the next to the last hearing she’d have to attend in this damn courthouse and time moved like molasses. Her caseworker said the termination of parental rights hearing should go pretty quickly, but in between the side bar conversations and the judge’s law clerk interrupting the proceedings for God knows what, a whole hour had passed since they were called inside. Get on with it! My baby is waiting for me to pick him up from daycare.
Her baby! That had such a nice ring to it. Soon she’ll be able to drop that pre-adoptive parent label and simply be known as mother. She was going to be Adam’s mother! Her dream of becoming a parent was about to come true.
She’d signed up to be a foster parent and was thrilled when she received the call to come to the hospital. Her heart melted when they placed a sleeping Adam with his angelic face in her arms. She fell in love with him immediately. Only then did they tell her about his withdrawal symptoms. He rarely slept, had tremors, and no amount of cuddling or walking would calm him. It didn’t matter to her, though. That little boy was her world.
Finally it looked like things were about to wrap up. Adam’s attorney gave her a thumbs’ up and air Tiffany had been holding in her lungs whooshed out. She looked expectantly at the judge, and waited for him to pound the gavel signaling the end of the proceeding.
Suddenly, the door to the courtroom flew open and a man rushed inside. He had to be over six feet tall as far as she could tell, with a muscular physique. His bald head added another layer of sexiness to him, along with his dark chocolate skin tone. “Wait! Am I too late?”
The lone deputy sheriff on duty rushed to his side and stepped in front of him. “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. This is a closed hearing.”
“I’m, I’m.” He looked around the room and for a second his eyes met Tiffany’s. “Am I too late?”
A shudder skittered down her spine. Those eyes. Adam’s grey eyes. It couldn’t be.
“Too late for what, sir,” the judge asked.
“I’m here for my son. Adam is my son.”
Tiffany rose from her seat and took a step in his direction. Then everything went black.

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