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Choosing the Perfect Travel Destination

Taking a tour or making plans for a holiday would first require considering a perfect destination. In fact, a perfect travel destination is what tops the priority list for making plans for a holiday. There are various travel packages that make both deciding a travel destination and travelling more convenient. Considering long distance travel has now become more practicable than ever before. Here are some of the most popular travel destinations globally:

    • Sri Lanka: Apart from the landscapes and seascapes, Sri Lanka offers its tourists with both thrill and amazement. The tourists can get up to be personal and close with the giant elephants at the elephant orphanage.


    • Turkey: The alien landscapes in Cappadocia in turkey not only amazes but also bewilders! The place can be best seen from wicker basket of air balloons. The beauty of the place can be best perceived when viewed from the wicker of the hot air balloon. While getting thrilled by the cave homes of the region that are famous all over, the Turkish delicacies can also be savoured. There are several underground cities to explore.


    • Burma: What makes Burma one of the best travel destinations, besides having a strong historicity, is the amiable people there. The local families there help the tourists in visiting Burma.


    • India: The country rich in its natural beauty has a lot to offer to its tourists, which ranges from the sky rising Himalayas, to the tribal culture coming down through the ages in its rural parts. The tourists love to taste the local cuisine there. India is a country which shows great diversity in its people, its food, and in its geography.


    • Morocco: The legend of the modern Morocco is constituted from the intriguing literary depictions and fantastic films. However, the reputation of the place for being a meeting point for Arabic, European, and African cultures has been continuing since years.


    • Japan: The urban sprawl of Tokyo is unfathomable and no traveller can afford to miss it! While advancing in technologies and expanding its industries, Japan offers fresh air and patch of green to refresh.


  • Cambodia: This serene beauty of South East Asia is the most awe inspiring place in the region. It offers great diversity that ranges from the Buddhist monastery to the historical monument to end in the more laid back cafes.

These are some of the popular travel destinations today. However, the world has numerous other destinations which are yet to be explored

Groomsmen Gift Ideas for a Destination Wedding

Today, more and more people are opting to do a destination wedding. Rather than getting married in their hometown, couples are choosing to fly to exotic locations to get married. This means, of course, you’ll have to ask the entire wedding party to fly off with you. To show your appreciation, you must give your friends some special gifts, and if you’re out of groomsmen gift ideas, here are some suggestions for useful and thoughtful gifts.

Send-off Gifts

If you want to give your gift before the wedding, one type of groomsmen gifts ideas are some send-off gifts to help them make the trip easier. An in-flight comfort kit is great, with a travel pillow, eye masks, earplugs and maybe small toiletries to help them get through a long flight. Or, to make them feel less homesick, perhaps some things that remind them of home, like some local treats from your hometown.

Travel accessories can also make great groomsmen gift ideas. A passport and document holder can make things easier for them when they travel, so they can keep their important documents together while getting through the airport. A carry-on bag in a good size will ensure that they bring everything they need with them on board. Small items, like bag tags, passport envelopes and organizers can make good gifts, and evoke the travel theme of your wedding.

Welcome Basket

Another great type of groomsmen gifts ideas is a welcome basket for when they get to their destination. For example, if you’re in Hawaii, you can fill it up with some sunscreen, a map of Hawaii and a Hawaiian shirt. If you’ve decided on a wedding in a French villa, a French phrasebook, a bottle of wine and some cheese would be a great welcoming basket. If you’re at a spa in Arizona, maybe some spa vouchers and some mens spa products would be good groomsmen gift ideas. Or perhaps you’ve decided to have a ski resort wedding in Colorado – a welcome basket with ski passes (or lessons), some warm gloves and packets of hot cocoa will make them feel very welcome indeed.

Local Souvenirs

Since you’re traveling somewhere far away, you’ll want to get souvenirs – so why not get some local souvenirs for your groomsmen, so they’ll remember this wonderful occasion. If you’re in Thailand, you can get some local woodcarvings or silk shirts for a good price. If you’re in Napa Valley, you can get some excellent bottles of wine, and some well-made wine accessories (bottle stoppers, bottle openers) to give as gifts.

The great thing about destinations weddings is that you’re not only sharing your wedding day with your friends, but an exotic destination as well. With these groomsmen gift ideas, you can help them remember this place and occasion for the coming years

Some Innovative Ideas for Your Honeymoon Holiday

A variety of honeymoon packages are available across the board. Honeymoon packages include romantic escape to some romantic destinations along with your beloved. In these trips you can enjoy the togetherness with your spouse-the occasion may be your wedding, anniversary or it may be your engagement. Nowadays, various intimate & stylish packages are offered by different tour operators. You can opt for one of those packages depending upon your taste and preferences. You and your spouse may be nature lovers or may be willing to go to a tranquil place or may be very adventurous in nature-all types of packages are available. What you should only do is to do good research before picking any particular package.

Many companies are offering unique and good services during romantic tours to other places. What is most important is the destination which you are opting for your romantic getaway. Since nowadays, numerous companies have come to the fray, it would not be difficult to avail the package centering around your favorite destination. Before going for any package, however you need to understand the rules, regulations, services and amenities related to the package.

Another important aspect that you need to seriously think over is the accommodation provided in the package. Take all the details about the hotels and the resorts where you have to stay along with your partner. So do not always run for the destination and try to maintain the right balance between destination and accommodation. Spend some time to know more about the accommodation offered by the tour operator.

The honeymoon package is not only about location and accommodation, it entails many more things in its ambit. You will always look for hospitality and good services from the tour company. You can not spoil your honeymoon fun because of the absence of basic facilities. Before picking any package, you need to gather all the details pertaining to these facilities offered in these packages. It is always wise to spend few more bucks and go for the package which offers better services.

In a nutshell, it can be said that honeymoon packages are diverse, so you need to go through the nitty gritty of the package before opting for it. If you feel that everything is in place, then only you should go for that package

Six Things to Do in Skiathos: A Few Ideas for Those Who Want to Burn Calories

It’s enough! Too much Greek food, too much wine, too many ice creams and cocktails. You need to move! Why not combining the beauties of this fantastic Greek island with sport? Here are some good ideas for you.

Skiathos on two wheels: Skiathos has a very well-organized mountain club called… Skiathos Mountain Bikes. From May to October, daily excursions start at bus stop Nr.3 on the single bus line. You just need to be at least 16 years, to wear a brightly coloured shirt and you are welcome! Everything is provided: bike, helmet, gloves and goggles, even water and first aid kit! However, it is better if you are a bit sporty, since the rides, depending on the chosen route, last from three to four hours. If you want to explore the island at your own pace, you can simply rent the bike of your choice and go exploring.

Skiathos on your feet: you prefer to walk and take the time to watch the bees gather thyme and lavender pollen? It’s possible. The island offers some 25 carefully marked routes with a total length of 197 km, which allow you to discover breathtaking landscapes, hidden valleys and small chapels or enjoy an idyllic environment. Why not organizing a romantic picnic and making your marriage proposal (yes, it happened!)? The walks vary in length from 1 to 6 hours. Do you know that the walker who will have to his credit 20 hikes and will prove it giving each route hiking code, will be awarded the ” Hiker’s Medal” by the Skiathos Hikers Club?

To browse the island on foot, three ways:

By yourself: In this case, I strongly recommend you to buy a book called “Tourist and Hiking in Skiathos Guide” which contains maps and itineraries. You will find it in all the bookshops of the island.

With a guide: Just ask for Mr. Ortwinn Widmann, the local expert, a German based in Skiathos for years. He knows the island inside out and everyone knows him. He will show you not only the most beautiful places, but also local medicinal and therapeutic plants.

With the Hikers Club: Skiathos Mountain Bikes, as its name does not indicate it, has thought of everyone and also organizes hikes on the many trails of the island. They last from three to four hours and you will discover other aspects of the island away from the cheering crowd.

However, don’t forget that for obvious reasons, the ideal periods for hiking are April, May, September and October.

Skiathos on the water: isn’t the Aegean sea the most natural way to discover a Greek island? Again, you can choose between several options:

– the organized tour (less interesting, in my opinion, because I prefer to be free to go where I want): just stroll along the harbour, the many companies offering this type of service distribute flyers of all kinds. The tours usually include the main beaches of the island or the neighbouring islands as Tsougria and Arkos (not inhabited) or Skopelos and Alonissos, with of course, the inevitable “Mamma mia tour” that will show you the flagship places of the eponymous film.

– renting a boat without skipper for one day: for those who do not have a sailing license, it is possible to rent a boat up to 30hp, which still allow you to reach Tsougria and Arkos. The boat rental company will explain all the details too you and will give the usual instructions. It is a wonderful experience that will give you an incomparable feeling of freedom

– renting a boat with skipper is also very nice and allows you to learn more about the island since it is generally a native who will tell you many interesting anecdotes. Prices vary according to the size and luxury of the boat. A Zodiac will allows to live an extraordinary and unforgettable day.

Skiathos underwater: whether you prefer scuba diving or snorkling, discover the fauna and flora of the safe crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea

Honeymoon Destination Ideas for 2010

So are you getting married this year and wondering where to go for your honeymoon? There are numerous honeymoon destinations around the globe that makes up for a perfect honeymoon getaway. For all newlyweds honeymoon is much more than just a romantic destination. This is a time when couples start a new bond and cherish special moments together.

Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2010

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you want to spend sometime in luxury then Dubai is the best place to be. You will be greeted to a cosmopolitan lifestyle and lavish hotels to put up. Stay at the much talked about Burj Al Arab which is “sail -shaped”. Apart from a famous architectural landmark the hotel is provides you high quality service. Pamper yourself with the relaxing spas, message parlors, fine dining and guided city tours.

2. Bahamas Islands

Bahamas Islands have a way of their own to weave a fairytale element in your honeymoon. Bahamas, with 700 islands ranks as one of the best island honeymoon destinations for 2010. The honeymoon package trips are reasonably priced. You are going to enjoy your stay with the Calypso music, coral reefs, Bahamian Goombay, historical background and an active nightlife. The setting with sands and sun is idyllic.

3. New York

Have you always dreamed about the perfect “movie-like” setting for your honeymoon with a romantic boat on lake? If yes, then New York is the place for to be. The place has a metropolitan charm about it. Create you own Hollywood movie scene atop the Empire State Building. Both of you can try skating in the Central Park and visit the Brooklyn Bridge.

4. Venice

Known for the romantic Gondola rides, Venice offers you several honeymoon spots and attractions. Whether you visit the beautiful architectural buildings or skim the Venetian Canal, you will love your stay in Venice. It is also well known for sumptuous cuisines and “candle light” dinner.

5. Paris

Here comes the city of love and romance. Paris is rated as the most preferred honeymoon destinations for 2010. You can spend some lone time together by taking the river cruises, visiting the small villages in Ile Saint Louis, taking a trip to the Eiffel Tower and take some really romantic photographs as Torcadero.

6. Botswana

Looking for a Safari holiday for your honeymoon? Botswana is the place to visit. The wildlife here is in abundance and undisturbed. Camping is something that most newlyweds take part in. There are various locations that you can choose for the same. You can choose from luxury and exciting camps like Vumbura Plains Camp, Mombo Camp, and Jao Camp in the Okavango Delta

7. Dominican Republic

For the ones searching for a blend of romance and adventure in your honeymoon, Dominican Republic is the answer to your question. The Saona Islands offer you a dream like romantic setting with its clear blue lagoons. You can visit the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park together. If you love shopping, then indulge yourself completely in a shopping expedition in the Palma Real Shopping Center. The hotels and resorts offer spa, and wellness treatments to the honeymoon couples