Groomsmen Gift Ideas for a Destination Wedding

Today, more and more people are opting to do a destination wedding. Rather than getting married in their hometown, couples are choosing to fly to exotic locations to get married. This means, of course, you’ll have to ask the entire wedding party to fly off with you. To show your appreciation, you must give your friends some special gifts, and if you’re out of groomsmen gift ideas, here are some suggestions for useful and thoughtful gifts.

Send-off Gifts

If you want to give your gift before the wedding, one type of groomsmen gifts ideas are some send-off gifts to help them make the trip easier. An in-flight comfort kit is great, with a travel pillow, eye masks, earplugs and maybe small toiletries to help them get through a long flight. Or, to make them feel less homesick, perhaps some things that remind them of home, like some local treats from your hometown.

Travel accessories can also make great groomsmen gift ideas. A passport and document holder can make things easier for them when they travel, so they can keep their important documents together while getting through the airport. A carry-on bag in a good size will ensure that they bring everything they need with them on board. Small items, like bag tags, passport envelopes and organizers can make good gifts, and evoke the travel theme of your wedding.

Welcome Basket

Another great type of groomsmen gifts ideas is a welcome basket for when they get to their destination. For example, if you’re in Hawaii, you can fill it up with some sunscreen, a map of Hawaii and a Hawaiian shirt. If you’ve decided on a wedding in a French villa, a French phrasebook, a bottle of wine and some cheese would be a great welcoming basket. If you’re at a spa in Arizona, maybe some spa vouchers and some mens spa products would be good groomsmen gift ideas. Or perhaps you’ve decided to have a ski resort wedding in Colorado – a welcome basket with ski passes (or lessons), some warm gloves and packets of hot cocoa will make them feel very welcome indeed.

Local Souvenirs

Since you’re traveling somewhere far away, you’ll want to get souvenirs – so why not get some local souvenirs for your groomsmen, so they’ll remember this wonderful occasion. If you’re in Thailand, you can get some local woodcarvings or silk shirts for a good price. If you’re in Napa Valley, you can get some excellent bottles of wine, and some well-made wine accessories (bottle stoppers, bottle openers) to give as gifts.

The great thing about destinations weddings is that you’re not only sharing your wedding day with your friends, but an exotic destination as well. With these groomsmen gift ideas, you can help them remember this place and occasion for the coming years